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104 Clinton st Brooklyn NY 11201

Fast and Efficient service


Fast and Efficient service

About Azzuro Dry Cleaning & Shoe Repair Brooklyn

Azzuro Dry Cleaning & Shoe Repair in Brooklyn is your one-stop shop for premium dry cleaning, pick-up and drop-off laundry service, tailoring and repairs of all kinds. Conveniently located in the heart of historic Brooklyn Heights, we provide the highest standard of service to our customers and neighbors. We value your business and the relationships we have forged over the years in beautiful Brooklyn Heights. We also service customers who live and work in bustling Downtown Brooklyn.

Fast and Efficient service

Premium Customer Service

We deeply value your time – the same way we value your cherished apparel and home linens. We give personalized care and attention to each customer, and many have become loyal customers – and friends. Our turnaround time is quick, and we do so without compromising quality.

We carefully and efficiently launder, repair and restore items such as:


dresses, suits, coats, knitwear, cashmere & more

Room Accessories

Bedding, comforters, curtains & more


shoes, purses, belts, bags, briefcases & watches