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Shoe Repair in Brooklyn

Fast and Efficient service


Our footwear has an impact on how we walk, stand and present ourselves. Plus, many of us spend hard-earned money on expensive shoes that can withstand the city streets and weather conditions in NYC. It’s also a way that we express ourselves and our style. That is why our customers visit Azzuro’s – to enhance their favorite shoes for maximum style, comfort and durability.

At Azzuro’s, we repair all types of shoes:

  • Dress shoes, loafers and Oxford shoes
  • High heels, flats and sandals
  • Winter boots, cowboy boots and hiking boots
  • Athletic shoes and sneakers
  • Non-slip restaurant shoes 
  • Shoes for construction and maintenance 

Some of our shoe repairs include:

  • Re-soling
  • Re-sizing
  • Heel fixes and replacement
  • Toe piece replacement
  • Stitching repairs
  • Cleaning, polishing and conditioning 
  • Leather dyeing
  • Waterproofing and more!

We can also:

  • Add inserts that ease the pain of a tight strap or heel
  • Add heel grips to the bottom of treadless shoes
  • Add lifts on the bottom of flat shoes that are susceptible to quick treadwear and damage
  • Add a different sole that provides better arch support
  • Re-sole the shoes to enhance their longevity and comfort

Repairing shoes has many benefits like:

  • Cost-savings
  • Caring for the health of your feet – and by extension the health of your ankles, legs, hips and overall balance 
  • Enhancing comfort, fit and arch support
  • Prolonging the life of your favorite shoes 
  • Practicing environmental conservation 
  • Optimizing shoes for donation and resale purposes
Fast and Efficient service


Do you own shoes that are too small? You’re in luck. We have a stretching machine that can expand your shoe’s length and width. These machines can even stretch the front of a shoe where it squeezes the toes. This will protect your foot health and prevent blisters.
Are boots gripping your calves too tightly? There’s a repair for that too, as our cobblers can take in the material or stretch it out.

Fast and Efficient service


Shoes that have a shaky, broken or missing heel should be repaired to save the shoe and to prevent injuries (especially for high heels). We can also fix scratches, tears and discolorations. To safeguard your balance, it’s important that heels are even and not worn down on one side. We can replace heel blocks as well.

We repair heels for all types of shoes including:

  • High heels
  • Dress shoes, loafers and Oxford shoes
  • Flats and sandals 
  • Winter boots, cowboy boots and hiking boots
  • Athletic shoes and sneakers
  • Non-slip restaurant shoes 
  • Shoes for construction and maintenance projects
Fast and Efficient service


First we’ll clean your shoes. Then we’ll apply a polish to add pigment, which will also offer added protection from the elements. Lastly we’ll buff your shoes to make them shine like new.

Fast and Efficient service


We can alter the size of high heels. We can shorten or lengthen the heel to meet your desired specifications.

Fast and Efficient service


It can be quite frustrating when our favorite coats or purses aren’t functional because of a broken zipper. Don’t let that stop you though. We can fix your zippers when the teeth no longer align, along with other fixes.

Fast and Efficient service


Many people are passionate about their purses and handbags. A beautiful purse or bag can make a statement about our personal style and our love for design. It’s also quite the investment, especially when purchasing brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Fendi and Prada. We believe it’s a worthy investment to care for purses and bags, so they may be cherished for years to come. Some of our repairs and reconditioning include: stitching worn out bags, fixing zippers, polishing, replacing missing buttons and more! Like fixing:

  • Straps and handles 
  • Lining  
  • Trim and binding
  • Zipper repair
  • Polishing
  • Replacing missing buttons
  • Cleaning and stain removal  
  • Repairing hardware and buckles 
  • Restoring vintage purses and bags
Fast and Efficient service


Give your shoes and leather items a custom look by dropping them off to have them dyed. Customers update their items for a new outfit and special occasions. 

Fast and Efficient service


The straps on your belts, shoes and bags can become frayed, discolored, torn or broken. Bring your belts to Azzuro’s and we’ll have them fixed in no time at all!

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Our trained staff can repair/replace tears, holes, broken zippers, knit cuffs & waistbands, linings, shorten your sleeves, and make leather repairs. We can also condition or re-condition your favorite leather jacket. It’s natural for leather to crack and dry out as it loses its natural oils. Conditioning your leather will keep your favorite jacket in prime condition for much longer.

Fast and Efficient service


If your luggage is in need of repair, there’s no need to toss it out. Our experienced staff can repair frayed stitching, broken zippers, pull-handles and more. We have experience fixing suitcases, roller bags, carry-ons and backpacks for hiking/traveling. Drop off your luggage off at Azzuro’s for a quick fix and we’ll have you rolling again in no time!